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We’re A Results-Driven
Social Media Marketing & Management Agency

We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for businesses and manage social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ on their behalf.
If you don’t have time to visit your social accounts every day, aren’t sure what makes a good tweet or update or can’t keep up with best practices on all the different channels… you need a social media management agency.



Develop and implement your social media strategy, content planning, management and amplification.


Create engaging custom-tailored social media content that will attract your ideal target audience.


Advocate your brand, increasing brand reputation and build an engaged online community.


Monitor online conversations to understand what your prospects and customers think of your company.


Our Approach

Target Audience

Key Platforms

Key Platforms

Brand Voice

Content Calendar

Quality Content

Content Regularly

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The benefits of working with a
social media management agency

Expertise – Social media marketing is a rapidly changing world, and information about management tools, optimization strategies, outreach programming, and platform changes come out daily.

We’ll stay on top of best practices, upcoming changes and make sure to take advantage of opportunities for your brand while maintaining a professional appearance.

Experience – There is currently a dizzying array of tools and softwares designed for simply managing day-to-day social media activities and monitoring. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

We’ll guide you through selecting the right tool or custom-tailor a solution that fits your businesses goals and bring our years of experience managing other clients social media accounts to the table.

Perspective – Have you ever felt unoriginal, frustrated and stuck – not exactly sure what you want to say, how you should say it or how your audience will receive it?

Our team will bring a fresh perspective and insights to your business. By having an unorthodox viewpoint, we often point out opportunities that your brand might have otherwise missed.

Costs – Beyond the on-paper costs of a salary and benefits for your new worker, you’ll have to absorb the hidden costs like training and company perks that fall elsewhere in the budgeting mix.

By working with an agency that specializes in social media marketing, you’ll save money and get the benefit of the entire companies efforts, not just a single individual.

As a busy business owner being pulled in too many directions, working with ModMedia has been an incredible time saver. Their smart, savvy, and you can trust them to always make you look good across all social networks. They know the difference between a LinkedIn post, and a FB update, and have proven their ability to proactively bring in new followers, friends and professionals. I recommend them to anyone who has social networks and doesn’t have the time to manage them in the way they need to be.- Todd Howell
Ready for us to manage your business’s social media channels and provide everything
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